About Us

Small town publishing house with an international view.

 I Ain’t Your Marionette publishing company is a socially conscious establishment that is determined to make the world a better place one publication at a time. Our platform is a beacon for artists, poets, authors, and creatives in general who not only desire but require a place to breathe life into their creations. We quite literally provide a birthing place for unlimited ideas and uninhibited expressions to take form and be shared with the human collective. One might think of I Ain’t Your Marionette as a conduit of creative energy, where emotions, ideas, and imagination are guided from the minds of our authors to the pages of our publications. We are marionettes without masters and masters of our crafts. 

Our press was founded in 2019 by Canadian author, artist and Canadian Forces Veteran Marie Moldovan and was the result of what started out as a healing journey.  The Journey resulted in the creation of 3 Amigos Ink and Splatter and eventually the birthing of  I Ain't Your Marionette Press.

Our publications can be found far and wide on a global scale through places like