Clip the strings of fear and become a Published Author with I Ain't Your Marionette Press.

We help individuals like you manifest the dream of becoming a published author into reality.

Alas, who are we, marionettes on strings? And what do we stand for, puppeteers of our destiny?

I Ain’t Your Marionette distinguishes itself as a stronghold of artistic liberation. At its helm, Marie Moldovan, once a marionette of circumstance, now orchestrates a symphony of narrative freedom. The company’s sanctuary breathes life into marionette authors, whose tales of resilience and aspiration paint a vivid tableau of human spirit.

The press’s hallmark anthologies, “Shattered Psyche” and “The Way of The Crow,” are more than mere collections; they are immersive experiences that beckon readers to venture beyond the mundane. Each story or visual masterpiece is a declaration of independence, a narrative that defies the norm and invites a reimagining of the world.

The “Voces Animarum” exhibition, alongside the “Shattered Psyche Traveling Showcase” and “Colours of Collaboration,” exemplifies the press’s dedication to breaking new ground in literary and artistic expression. These ventures not only elevate the company’s stature but also reverberate through the artistic community, transforming subdued creative murmurs into a powerful chorus that resonates far and wide.

I Ain't Your Marionette Press may not be a puppet but we are a full-service publishing HOUSE that offers :

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Outside of individual publications, we offer authors the ability to submit to anthologies that are facilitated by our online writing group 3 Amigos Ink and Splatter.

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