Book Review: “There’s A Me Under My Bed”


In the quiet spaces of existence, where imagination runs wild and anything is possible, Joe Mykut’s “There’s A Me Under My Bed” unfolds. This children’s tale, edited by Marie Dawn Moldovan, beckons readers into a world where innocence waltzes with experience, and where the ordinary conceals hidden magic.


When you’re a Little Monster, what is there to be afraid of? Well, it’s Little Monster’s bedtime, and he’s about to find out. Could it be that there’s nothing to be afraid of at all? Is it possible that all our scariest fears are just our imagination? Join Little Monster for a bedtime story to find out what all the fuss is about. Who knows, you just might have a blast and be as brave as Little Monster!

This whimsical tale celebrates courage, curiosity, and the magic that exists in the ordinary. It’s perfect for bedtime reading, sparking conversations about fears, and inspiring little ones to embrace their own bravery.

Themes and Imagery

Mykut’s prose is a delicate brushstroke across the canvas of bedtime rituals. He paints moments—the creaking floorboards, the rustling curtains, the imagined monsters. Each image resonates, urging readers to pause and remember their own childhood nights. The Little Monster’s journey mirrors our collective struggle—to embrace the totality of our being.


The Little Monster is a luminescent presence. His vulnerability tugs at our hearts as he grapples with the unknown. Mommy Monster—loving, flawed, and trying to soothe his fears—adds depth to the narrative. We witness Mommy’s whispered reassurances, and the silent battles against the monsters that haunt us all.

Writing Style

Mykut’s sentences are like origami birds—precise folds creating intricate shapes. The brevity of the book allows readers to fill in the gaps with their own memories. His language balances whimsy and tenderness, inviting us to find solace in the familiar.

A little about the creators..

Joseph Mykut is an internationally published, author, photographer, and artist. Their work can be found in the 3 Amigos Ink and Splatter Anthologies as well as their children’s book, “Beautiful Boy.” Joseph pulls their inspiration from everyday life, finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. Their work is hugely influenced by nature and the outdoors as well as the worlds beyond those we easily perceive with our senses. Joseph is a shaman in training as they believe a shaman always to be. For more information about Joe Mykut book go to:

Marie Moldovan is a writer, artist, Canadian Forces veteran, jack-of-all-trades, and independent publisher at I Ain’t Your Marionette. Shortly after her diagnosis with service-related PTSD and the passing of their husband in 2018, They began writing poetry to free their tormented mind. Marie is the author of "20 Years of Winter." For more about Marie Moldovan go to


“There’s A Me Under My Bed” is more than a bedtime story; it’s an invitation to reclaim our inner Little Monsters—to peel away layers of fear and rediscover the wonder we once held. As the Little Monster confronts the shadows, we, too, confront our own nocturnal fears. In this slim volume, we find solace—a reminder that bravery often hides in the most unexpected places.


But wait there is more….

“There’s A Me Under My Bed” doesn’t end with the tale of Little Monster and the Me under his bed.  It is also an activity book. It’s jam-packed with interactive activities and games designed by Marie Moldovan and Joe Mykut to keep little ones entertained for hours. If you enjoyed the story of Little Monster and the mysterious “Me” under his bed, you’re sure to love this bonus set of extended adventures! Whether your little one is curious, brave, or just loves a good bedtime tale, this activity package complements the book perfectly.

Here’s what you’ll find in the activity section of the book:

Whether it’s a quiet afternoon or a cozy bedtime, this activity package adds an extra layer of enchantment to the Little Monster’s world. So gather your crayons, sharpen your pencils, and let the adventure continue!


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Marie Moldovan 

CEO of I Ain't Your Marionette Press