Michael Falls

Michael is a Sault Saint Marie Native and Alberta Canada transplant. He has been writing for as long as he can remember.  For him ideas have run rampant in his wandering mind. He began paying attention to his mind’s ponderings and penning at the tail end of his marriage.  He uses writing as a stress release and notes that his minds ponderings continue to run unchecked.  Being that he is over 50, he doubts that the status of the unchecked ponderings will change anytime soon. Michael is the Author of Leaving Eden.

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Emma Hilson-Gregory

Emma is an aspiring poet from the United Kingdom.  The seasons of their life have been riddled with pain and loss.  In the spring Emma Lost their parents and eventually became a ward of the state.  Many years ago Emma turned to writing in order to cope and from her pain sprung the poetry collection "Shades of Life." 

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Alycia Hodge

Alycia Hodge is an artist and author living in Oregon, USA with her daughter, fiancée and their three feline fur-babies. Her passions have always included art, writing, music, and a love and appreciation of Mother Nature, animals, and all other forms of life. A deep calling to a spiritual path has led her to becoming an apprentice Shaman and Witch, as well as a minister with the Universal Life Church. She believes that art of all forms helps us to heal and connect. She is the author of "I May Be A Romantic, But I'm Not Hopeless."

Marten Hoyle

Marten Hoyle is the name assigned to a Literary Endeavor based at The Eglantine Home for the Poetically Unsound in the United States. The Project is held in the keeping of a voice known as Vate C. Carmen.  Marten is the author of "Voces Animarum."

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Marie Dawn Moldovan

Marie Moldovan is a writer, artist, Canadian Forces veteran, jack-of-all-trades, and independent publisher at I Ain’t Your Marionette. Shortly after her diagnosis with service-related PTSD and the passing of their husband in 2018, They began writing poetry to free their tormented mind. Marie is the author of "20 Years of Winter." 

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Joseph Anthony Mykut

Joseph Mykut is an internationally published, author, photographer, and artist. Their work can be found in the 3 Amigos Ink and Splatter Anthologies as well as their children’s book, “Beautiful Boy.” Joseph pulls their inspiration from everyday life, finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. Their work is hugely influenced by nature and the outdoors as well as the worlds beyond those we easily perceive with our senses. Joseph is a shaman in training as they believe a shaman always to be. 

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