Book Review: “Beautiful Boy”

“Beautiful Boy” by Joe Mykut is a poignant tale that delves into the life of a young boy.


This book introduces us to a little boy who, like many others, was born bright and wonderful, free from worries. However, as he navigates life, he gradually loses his sense of wonder. The story unfolds as he grapples with societal demands that force him to conform to a polarized state of being. In a world where one must choose between extremes, the boy learns to love himself even when it seems impossible. He embraces even the parts of himself that hurt the most. Can he reclaim his wonder and magic, or has his light faded forever?

Themes Explored:

Writing Style:

Joseph Mykut’s prose is akin to a delicate origami bird—precise folds creating intricate shapes. His sentences are brief, yet they carry entire worlds within. The pacing is deliberate, allowing emotions to swell and recede like ocean tides. The book’s brevity is its strength; it leaves room for readers to fill in the gaps with their own memories and longings.

A Bit About the Author:

Joseph’s art and photography uniquely focuses on the random, seemingly unimportant aspects of the everyday environment surrounding us. They hope this draws attention to the deeper details that express the magic and beauty in the otherwise mundane.

As a member of the LGBTQ2+ community as well as walking the path of Shamanism, they hope to create and represent a more tangible bridge between the physical life experience and the world beyond our physical senses.

Joseph was born and raised in the deep south of the United Sates in what’s known as the bible belt. His influences have developed over time to be more of the universe and of spirituality rather than religion. However, Joseph is an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church as it aligns with his perspective that there is truth found in all religious beliefs as they are all smaller pieces to a greater picture.

They identify as a two spirited being or even multi spirited being and identify with all ideas of the gender spectrum. They believe in the existence of both light and dark or positive and negative energies leaving the truth of who we are to be found in the balance of those energies.

Rating: ★★★★★

What people are saying about Beautiful Boy.....

I have personally met the author to Beautiful Little Boy and let me explain in my words what I got from this book. Every child should feel love and acceptance and security but there are so many who never feel any of that. My heart went out to this little boy who only asked for love and wanted his life to mean something, to shine in a world of darkness but instead people whom he should’ve been able to depend on tried to put his beautiful light out….. this book is about how to overcome and bounce back from darkness to light. I absolutely cried and loved this book and believe everyone should read it....   ~ Annie’n’momo 

There are not enough words to describe how WONDERFUL this book is! The beautiful message behind Beautiful Boy is one of optimism, confidence, kindness and hope. It transcends generations, as I've read it to my teen nephews and to my parents in their 60's and they all resonated with the book.  ~ Daniel Barrios

Final Thoughts:

“Beautiful Boy” is a quiet hymn to resilience. Mykut invites us to peel away layers of cynicism, to rediscover the wonder we once held. As the boy grapples with existence, we confront our own narratives. In this children's tale, we find solace—a reminder that beauty persists even when shadows lengthen.

So, dear reader, open its pages. Let the words seep into your soul. Perhaps, just perhaps, you’ll find your own beautiful self waiting there.

More about the author can be found on his website Cosmic Creation Station.

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Marie Moldovan 

CEO of I Ain't Your Marionette Press