Book Review: “Shades of Life”

Synopsis: “Shades of Life”

Shades of Life is a poetic exploration that delves into the intricate hues of the human experience. Emma Hilson-Gregory masterfully blends emotions, exposing the delicate interplay between light and darkness. Here are the publications key highlights:

In this collection, readers will discover the beauty of vulnerability, the power of resilience, and the richness of the human soul. Whether you’re sipping coffee alone or seeking meaning in shared experiences, Shades of Life invites you to explore life’s full spectrum.

Writing Style:

Emma Hilson-Gregory weaves her poetic tapestry in Shades of Life with a style that embraces both vulnerability and vivid imagery. Here are the defining aspects of her writing:




A bit about the author…

Emma Hilson Gregory is a first-time author whose poetry was discovered on her Facebook blog “Shades of Life” by the editor of the “I ain't Your Marionette” Press, Marie Moldovan.

Emma was born in South Africa on the 18th of May 1975. Her clinically depressed mother committed suicide when she was 15 months old, and she was raised by her father, whom she adored. When he died of liver cancer, when Emma was eight, she was transplanted to the United States to live with an aunt, uncle, and cousins. Both Emma and her new family battled to adjust, and after just a few months, she was taken to the United Kingdom and made a ward of the British Courts. This, in spite of the fact that Emma’s grandmother and uncle had spacious homes in London and in Surrey. On her mother’s side, her grandparents lived in Switzerland.  Emma has a happy memory of visiting them once when she was younger and learning to ski.

Emma spent two years living in a State-run home for children in a suburb outside of London before she was fostered to a family with children of their own. Her time among them was traumatic and unhappy.

In her late 20’s, her first daughter was born to a man who abandoned her. Then. Emma met a man who became the love of her life, the father of two of her daughters. After ten years of happy marriage, he developed an illness and died in 2014.

Emma now lives in the United Kingdom with her partner and three cats. She loves to paint, listen to music, and read; she is skilled at crochet and knitting.

Her poetry is the expression of a deeply troubled life of pain and a sense of abandonment. In her writing, she encapsulates her sadness of the loss she has experienced, her bewilderment at life’s cruelty. Despite this, Emma is an optimist, always willing to look on the bright side and to find gratitude in the smallest things.

Rating: ★★★★☆


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Final Thoughts:

Shades of Life is a poetic journey that beckons readers to embrace life’s full spectrum. Whether you’re sipping coffee in solitude or seeking solace in shared experiences, this book offers companionship. Hilson-Gregory’s words remind us that even in the darkest shades, there exists a glimmer of light—a reason to keep turning the pages.


More about EMMA and Shades of Life can be found on Emma's Author Page


Marie Moldovan 

CEO of I Ain't Your Marionette Press